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This page is up-to-date to MythTV version 0.24

Setting up DVB-C (cable)

In this chapter you'll find information about how to setup up MythTV as a cable (DVB-C) receiver. For general information about DVB and DVB-C you should read the chapter called About DVB.

Common Steps 1-3

TODO insert common part of adding the capture device, creating a video source and connecting both here

Step 4: The Scan for Channels

In order to scan DVB-C with MythTV, you need to give it an initial transponder in a tuned scan. The data you need to enter is: frequency, polarity, symbol rate and modulation. The information can be obtained from your operator. (Should it not be easily available it can also be obtained from an initial tuning file or a channels.conf for your location.)

Warning.png Warning: Do not import a channels.conf into MythTV any more. It does not provide all the information necessary to properly tune DVB and will lead to myriad problems.

Known Issues

There is only one simple solution for these problems: Talk to your cable provider they need to fix it!

  • #7486, Some cable operators don't mark the correct tuning tables in their networks active. The ticket has a patch that allows selecting the correct tables.