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HTTP Live Streaming Recorder

With 0.26, a new feature was added allowing you to record various HTTP Live Streams (HLS).

It works in a similar fashion as the IPTV recorder, using a single playlist containing a list of HLS streams.

HLS Recorder Playlist

The playlist is an extension of a standard M3U playlist:

   #EXTINF:0,300 - NASA TV

The link provided must be to a HTTP Live Streaming playlist.

Such playlist can be found there:

Setting up the HTTP Live Streaming Recorder

Start mythtv-setup

And go into "Capture Card" and select "New Capture Card"


As card type, select "Network Recorder"

In "M3U URL" enter the link to the M3U playlist as described above, you can use

As tuning can take quite a few seconds, set the timeout value to 60000ms (60s)


In the main menu, go into "Video Sources"
Select "New video source"

In "Video source name", enter HLS (or whatever you wish).
In Listing grabber: "No grabber"

Click on "Finish"


In the main menu, go to "Input connections"
And select the FREEBOX recorder you've just entered above.


In "Video source", select the video source you entered earlier, in our example "HLS"

Click on "Scan for channels"


Click on Next, and Finish. No channels will appear, but that's normal.


If you now go into the "Channel Editor" you will see the list of channels.

You can now exit mythtv-setup, and run mythbackend and mythfrontend

Going into Live TV will allow you to select one of the newly added channels.

Available HLS Channels

If using the playlist, the following channels are available:

  • 300 - NASA TV
  • 301 - Al Jazeera
  • 302 - France 24 (French)
  • 303 - Direct Star
  • 304 - BBC News
  • 305 -
  • 306 - Eurosport UK
  • 307 - Bloomberg
  • 308 - Fashion TV
  • 309 - DEEJAY TV (Italian)
  • 310 - Rai News (Italian)
  • 311 - Sky TG24 (Italian)
  • 312 - Al Jazeera Mubasher (Arabic)
  • 313 - Al Jazeera Arabic (Arabic)
  • 314 - Al Jazeera Sport (Arabic)

If you know more HTTP Live Streaming streams, please contact Jean-Yves Avenard and we'll add them to the playlist