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Take a deep breath.  Nobody made anything of yours "not yours" any more, we merely renamed a page that would have been difficult to find in search results to a more generic, easily searched, accessible name.  If anything, you should be flattered that we made the effort to bring "your" page to a wider audience.  The wiki is a community resource, and pages need to be formatted for broadest appeal, and factual, relevant information.  Having your name in the title was neither relevant nor particularly intuitive, so it was renamed.  Just as I am constantly rewriting pages to remove first person references, the naming of the page with your name was not appropriate for the kind of resource this wiki is meant to be-- namely something akin to what you would find in the "reference" section of your local library.  If simply renaming the page was enough to cause you to write repeated off-topic and wrathful edits, then it seems we may be better off if you don't wish to continue improving the wiki.

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