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The reason we cannot officially endorse your add-on is because you are using all sorts of direct database manipulation to accomplish it. If the entire plugin were using Myth python bindings, it would be another matter-- but since your application does not do so, it is inherently dangerous as it presumes a fixed database state that cannot be guaranteed, and can damage recording, user job, and other data if used under differing database conditions that you expect. For this reason, we cannot endorse the use of third party clients which reinvent myth DB access without utilizing the bindings (which are kept in lockstep with the rest of the MythTV database schema). As I mentioned, your work is appreciated, however we cannot endorse the use of direct DB manipulation in any third party frontend. If you felt like rewriting your application to use the Myth python bindings, I suspect all of us would feel a good deal more at ease with it being announced here.

If there is any other application in the announcement section which directly modifies the database, please let me know and I will be happy to remove the announcement.