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MCE remotes refer to a certain class of remotes using the mceusb driver-- Your device is not one as near as I or anyone else can tell. Also, sales pitches on our wiki are not permitted. If you would like to document your device on a new page and link to an information page where you pitch it, that is fine.

I'm really very sorry. I had no idea that this section was for the mceusb driver. Thanks and I apologize for the trouble.

It's not problem, it does appear to be a neat little receiver and I'm sure lots of our users would be interested, especially if your setup GUI is polished and simple. Feel free to create a page for your receiver and announce it on our users mailing list if you like. (announcing it on the list will probably get you much more exposure to our users in a short span, too-- and our users tend to recommend products they like, so it might help grow business)
Thanks so much for the tip, I'll do that. Again, thank you.