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Hey Jeff

I'm having some issues with I can sit in a terminal and run ./ off, on ,change channels and it works great. I go into mythtv-setup and add /home/mythtv/ to external command blah blah under input sources. Finish up and then run mythfrontend. Go to change channels.. nothing... nada. exit No errors listed during the use of mythfrontend.

Now I try to use ./ off,on, change channels.. it doesn't work anymore. I copy the fild to a new name.. such as Give it rights using chmod 755 to the file so it can be executed. Now magically the file works.. until I put it under mythtv-setup again and then it doesn't?!?! Is this a user rights issue? Only after I call on the script does it stop working.

Unfortunately, you didn't leave any contact info, so I can only hope that you found answers either on the mailinglist or that you'll check back here for help. Chances are, the problem lies not in the permissions of the script, but the permissions of your serial port. You need to give the user that will be running permission to read/write the serial port device, through whatever method your distribution allows. I added the mythtv user to the "tty" group, and made my ttyS0 device group +rw.
- JeffSimpson 13:40, 9 August 2007 (UTC)