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Hello Juski (or Justinh),

Saw your edit where you removed the part about so-mentioned illegal topics on the user-page of User:Rigolo. I understand there are some problemens with sasc-ng, as it might be possible to do illegal things with it. However, as moderator on (MythTV Netherlands) I received a message from User:Rigolo asking if we would allow an article on our wiki regarding this sasc-ng thing, because in our country there are reasons why someone would like to use sasc-ng.

He explained me the background of this where his cable-signal provider called "ziggo" uses a certain coding on their DVB-C signals which you can decode using sasc-ng. For personal use only this seems to be legal in our country (the Netherlands) as long as this use is personal use. However, we are not absolutely sure about it.

At this moment we ( moderators and administrators) have not yet made a decision whether to allow this or not. In the meantime I would like to retrieve some more information about this sasc-ng thing, as we are not entirely sure what to do with it...

But, i.m.h.o., the most important thing is people (like User:Rigolo) would like to view the (DVB-C) television they legally payed for. Therefor, in this endeavour, I would like NOT to ban User:Rigolo.

My $.2c --Michel 20:27, 30 September 2008 (UTC)

PS: Please note also is entirely against illegal things! PS2: Also note this is not a discussion about the removal of the so-mentioned illegal topic. If it is not allow on this international wiki, it is not allowed, period.