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The Ratpoison on Mythbuntu page does not exist to explain the purpose of Ratpoison. That's what the Ratpoison page is for, which not coincidentally is linked to in the very first word of the page in question. The page exists to explain how to install Ratpoison on Mythbuntu systems, replacing the default XFCE that Mythbuntu uses for similar reasons.

Your interpretation of what Ratpoison is was completely wrong. It is not a mouse controller. It wants nothing to do with the mouse, hence its name. It is a lightweight, unadorned window manager, with limited external dependencies, controllable entirely from keyboard shortcuts. I'm not sure how you came up with the belief that the author of that page is also the primary developer of Ratpoison, but further investigation of the Ratpoison authors list shows that to not be the case, besides that fact being irrelevant were it true anyway.