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I am starting to look at using powersaved to do shutdown and wakeup. These are just some notes as I look into it.

I have an Asrock AliveNF6G-DVI motherboard. Which supports ACPI. I tried all of the tips and techniques under the ACPI howto, but my machine just will not wakeup. ACPI looks like it is all working. but still no wakeup.

I have open SUSE 10.2 on my main machine, and I just noticed that powersaved is the preferred method to do power management.

1. It looks like acpid is running 2. looks like powersaved is not running 3. looks like /etc/acpi/events has all dummy events in there so that may explain why the system is not reacting to events.

here is the powersavd documentation for suse 10.2 /usr/share/doc/packages/powersave/powersave_manual.txt

Next step

hmm looks like pm utils is now the way to go in opensuse 10.2

run powersaved try acpi again

also noticed that gnome powersave was running. have disabled this from startup