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I am starting to look at using powersaved to do shutdown and wakeup. These are just some notes as I look into it.

I have an Asrock AliveNF6G-DVI motherboard. Which supports ACPI. I tried all of the tips and techniques under the ACPI howto, but my machine just will not wakeup. ACPI looks like it is all working. but still no wakeup.

I have open SUSE 10.2 on my main machine, and I just noticed that powersaved is the preferred method to do power management.

1. It looks like acpid is running 2. looks like powersaved is not running 3. looks like /etc/acpi/events has all dummy events in there so that may explain why the system is not reacting to events.

here is the powersavd documentation for suse 10.2 /usr/share/doc/packages/powersave/powersave_manual.txt

Next step


run powersaved try acpi again