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Sorry PVR4Me, I don't have another way to contact you. I believe you may be the user of the Torc for iOS application who posted a one star review just now. My e-mail address is on the torc support page, and you are welcome to get in touch with me that way. You can also post to the google group, you simply have to join the group first. Here's the message I just sent to you on the group:

I noted that I got a 1 star review from someone in the USA who claims it's not possible to post messages to the group. You can post to the group, you simply need to become a member. Please join the group and I can assist you.

Please also read the support page carefully. The reason your stream is likely failing is because the backend is telling the app that it is working on the stream, but it isn't. This is most commonly caused because you are not building MythTV with the proper compile flags. All of the required flags are covered in the support page:

You'll find that mythtranscode has likely errored out in your backend log. However, as far as the API is telling the app, that transcode is still going on. You need the --enable-libmp3lame and --enable-libx264 compile flags.

Please consider joining the group if you need more help. If you find that the above is true, please consider amending your review as the app has no way of knowing why the stream doesn't continue to transcode, it just knows that as far as the backend is telling it, that transcode is still going (but there aren't any segments available).

I am happy to assist you if you e-mail or Google Group me. Please just get in touch if the above does not help you.


Geez, you're going to a lot of work trying to contact me here, as well. Still not me that posted the unfavourable review.



Well I'm going through a lot of work try to contact *someone*, but obviously not you. Sorry, CT. Consider it an example of my commitment to customer service.  ;)