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On MythTV on Mac OS X you say "firewire support possible" for the macport version of MythTV.

Looking at the code for the portfile it sets the configure option --disable-firewire and the firewire option doesn't appear in the settings.

How does one enable firewire support on the macports version of MythTV?

Firewire capture

I have a one-off version of the port that builds 0.25 with firewire enabled. The other necessary ingredient is Apple's Firewire SDK. As I read the license, it may not be distributed in any way and hence can't go on MacPorts.

Only a single user is running Firewire variant at present. Are you interested?

Also, I see you wrote the HDPVR Capture on Mac page. I take it you are using it to record? I was wondering if `osascript` would make it possible for Myth to fire off the recording without having to involve Calendar. It is too bad the author of HDPVRCapture doesn't make at least a basic version freely available. I contacted him last year to ask about using his old command line version. He wasn't interested. WCT