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Please, PLEASE stop trying to move pages and creating new pages named after yourself, you are creating a wiki maintenance nightmare! Create *one* user page and edit that, or create user subpages as wagnerrp did for you, but PLEASE give it some thought before doing so! There are now many pages that need deleting because of this!

-- User:Iamlindoro

I apologize. I've used wiki's before, but I hadn't run into the auto-redirect feature of mediawiki. I only wanted to move my home to another page and suddenly I was lost in a confusion of redirects. I posted the TrogodSystem1 link on the mythtv-users list so if that redirect could stay up for just today, it would help. I'll put the term "TrogodSystem1" on my User:Trogod/System0 page

Also, wagnerrp copied the content of my TrogodSystem1 to User:Trogod/System1 instead of moving it. I really wanted to fix that so I could preserve my edit history.

I placed TrogodSystem1 in the "Main" space because it appeared that the "User" space was not included in the searches. I noticed later that simply no other space was selected by default in Search and that I need to use the 'advanced search' form.

-- User:Trogod