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Hi-- you are putting a lot of specific information for specific hardware in the "South Africa MUG" page that is really not specific to the locale at all. Would you mind moving that information to the specific card pages, and only leaving the SA specific information on that page? Also, the page is supposed to be about a user group, not a location, so why not start a "MythTV in South Africa" page for the SA specific stuff?

    • I would still prefer it if you moved the card-specific stuff to the pages of those cards and offered links to the stuff that has no relevance to the location. Please make those changes, information in topic pages needs to be relevant to those topics, not just general purpose stuff that then becomes a difficult search for the wider audience. If your information is valid and up to date, why not share with the wider audience?
    • That looks great, thanks so much for making all that info available to everyone :)