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OK, this wiki editing is actually new for me. So I don't really know what happens when I save this page, let's hope you get it.

Anyway, I think I got your point about keeing the original layout. Thanks for updatíng. FTM, I'm done, and think current situation is vastly improved compared to this morning.



Minor update after look with fresh eyes. But also an important, open issue: character encoding.

Several items, including search results and the different *desc items needs encoding. As of 0.22, the platform utf-8 encoding doesn't seem to be handled correct by myth - feeding it with utf-8 data shows up as garbage on the display. On the list, someone said that this is indeed the situation, but that myth eventually (0.23?) will handle utf-8.

Can you confirm this? It really needs to be sorted out. And if is so, will myth always use utf-8 or will it use whatever the platform uses (if there is anyone not using utf-8; I really don't know)