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To: Wagnerrp Re: and edited HD Formats page

Thank you for your follow-up - I had a major WAF problem with DVDs and Blu-Rays not all working within the same MythVideo menu system and not working seamlessly across 3 myth frontends around our home. After finding an acceptable workaround for myself, I thought I should contribute it for others who may have the same immediate need. Being new to the Myth Wiki, I wasn't sure how to go about doing this. Apparently we were both editing the HD Formats page and "collided" - I didn't really understand what happened at the time. I took no offense to your undo and movement to the new page and understand your solid reasons. I prefer storage groups, but I just couldn't figure out how to work with them on the command line from within my script.

I saw you did some clean-up (thanks) - I look forward to more clean-up and hopefully a proper long-term solution to unifying Blu-Ray and DVD disk images. Direct support of Blu-Ray ISO images was a top priority for my situation. Thanks, Seschulz


hi, have seen it is a bug ... have you placed a bugreport, or shall i do so?

have checked mythtv-trac: i guess this bug is reported allready in #9824 --Sususu 10:34, 15 July 2011 (UTC)

Multirec configuration confusion ....

I think the paragraph that begins "The consequence of this is that live TV..." is unclear. Apparently MythTV as of Oct 2011 is not able to let LiveTV tune to channels from across multiple physical tuners when multirec is enabled. As LiveTV and multirec are both sensible defaults, it seems crazy that this situation persists. But the sentence "The alternative is to go back through after adding tuners, and add one more virtual tuner for each physical one" - this suggests there is a configuration solution to this problem, but I can't figure it out! I already have the max of 5 virtual tuners configured for each of the 2 tuners on my Hauppauge HVR-2200 (set up like this from scratch). Is the fix to go back into the configuration, and add one more virtual tuner to each card (ie .... 6 virtual tuners?) Surely not. I would love to help find a fix and sort out the documentation for this issue ....

- dan77g

When using LiveTV, your zapping is limited to those channels that can be tuned by your current tuner. This has nothing to do with multirec, but is just standard behavior of MythTV. This is to prevent potential scheduling problems where a user would unknowingly usurp control of a tuner from a recording (scheduled recordings always take priority). The problem with using multirec is that two users can be using two instances of LiveTV on the same tuner, or one user and one recording. When a tuner is in use, the other virtual tuners are locked to that multiplex.
The semi-kludgy work around described on that page is that you add your tuners sequentially, with 2-4 virtual tuners each. You then go back through and add one additional tuner for each, and set the frontend to avoid conflicts with recordings. Scheduled recordings will work down from the top of the list, looking for the first tuner capable of tuning that channel. Since the virtual tuners were added sequentially, it will automatically prefer an in-use tuner over grabbing a fresh tuner, potentially to record on the same multiplex. LiveTV, with that setting, will instead work up from the bottom of the list, with each new session getting its own fresh tuner. However, as before, each tuner being used by LiveTV means a potential conflict where you may no longer have sufficient tuners for your scheduled recordings.

Removing completed feature requests.

Hi Wagnerrp, Just noticed that you removed[[1]] a feature request and commented that it can now be done with mythccextract. However if I search the wiki for mythccextract I get no hits. Would it be better to at least create a new page for mythccextract, paste in the request and add a quick comment to say that mythccextract can do this. Maybe mark/label the page for further editing by someone else, but then people would at least be able to find out that MythTV is now capable of this functionality.

The best option would be to document it in the manual somewhere, with a page describing its use. The feature request pages are really too large and hard to read though as it is, leaving large numbers of 'closed' items just clutters it that much more.
Firstly thank you for all the work you do to tidy up the wiki. Without you this site would probably be a mess of spam and bitrot. I agree that the best option would be to document it in the manual, but that isn't what you did and nor would I expect you to. I just thought that it would been worth creating a bare basic page that acknowledges the existence of the feature otherwise someone else might end up making the same suggestion.