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Video Capture Cards

These are what get the picture from the cable/aerial/satelle into your PC. See FAQ/Video Capture Device for more info.

Here is a Capture Card Matrix with some basic information about known cards.

View The Comprehensive Guide of TV Cards that Work with Linux here or The Comprehensive Guide of TV Cards that Work with MythTV here. (Note: these articles may be out of date. --TylerDrake 23:55, 24 January 2006 (UTC))

For extra notes on each device see below: (I'm not hot on the way this is organized, but I guess until I come up with something better, this is what we've got. -- John Sturgeon)

Also these cards WON'T WORK:

  • ATI All-in-Wonder cards
  The ATI drivers provide a kernel module for basic V4L support which allows for capturing video from the device as it is playing. They do not, however, provide the tuner functions necessary for MythTV to select channels. Instead, they implement their channel tuning using the Xv extensions of X-Windows. A solution might be to patch the MythTV source code to recognize the ATI hardware and use Xv frequency changing to change the channel rather than solely relying on the V4L tuning functions. Then it would depend on whether the V4L support for capture is adequate enough in the ATI drivers for MythTV to work. It also might be possible to use an externally called Xv channel changing utility to change the channels.
  The ATI All-in-Wonder card cannot (it is said elsewhere on the internet) send video across the PCI bus. It can only show video on the VGA output on the card. It is on this basis that neither the card nor drivers are appropriate for use with mythtv. 
  • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-Roslyn (P/N: 28552 on the TV Tuner).
  • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2 (MPEG2 encoder box with USB2.0)
  • Cards based on the Conexant cx23416 MPEG encoder chip not already supported under ivtv (e.g. PVR2000).. development work has been done but cannot be considered a good solution for mythtv (yet).