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Video display cards

Video (graphics) cards are essential in processing image data and displaying it on screen. There are several prominent graphics card manufacturers with varying driver support and performance on Linux. Choosing a sufficiently powerful graphics card is key to having an enjoyable media experience.

Intel integrated

Intel provide open-source drivers included in the Linux kernel. These are the simpliest to get working and are maintained by Intel. The Haswell HD graphics are powerful enough to playback 1080 content and are included on the CPU die. For more information see here.


nVidia cards are generally considered the best for post-processing filters and for access to the VDPAU (video decoding library). However these require the proprietary drivers that may not be instantly available in your distribution. For installation instructions see the Nvidia wiki page.


If you have information / experience on the AMD graphics (APU etc) please add it here

The driver installation can be handled from the instructions from here .