WD Live HD Media Player

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WD Live HD Media Player

Works out of the box for Watch Recordings.

Tested with 1.01.11 firmware using mythtv 0.22_p22824

This is a Sigma 8655 cpu with coreavc integrated. It has 3 video DACs which either output CVBS or YPbPr in NTSC or PAL, a true 480 or 576 output with correct WSS. The Zyxel dma 2500 uses the same motherboard.

The firmware is busybox linux- and the application MediaLogic copies the stream to coreavc.

  • vob PS mpeg2 perfect support,
  • avi mpeg4 OpenDML vprp header aspect ratio is supported.

The coreavc in my player from February 2010 has one bug. When playing avi mpeg4 with interlaced dct it does line doubling per frame and not per field. So for 625-line systems the result is one frame with only the odd field followed by one frame with only the even field[1]. This results in judder and blinking at the framefrequency. Transcoded files from mencoder lavc using ildct or ilme are badly rendered. On the other hand mpeg4 qpel is supported and can be used as a workaround.

Internal processing is progressive at the framefrequency. Setting interlaced output only changes the output format. This usually turns on the tv deinterlacing filter which might be turned off by setting the tv into pc-mode. It seems impossible to disable line doubling for interlaced mpeg2 or mpeg4 files.

[1] I captured the analog output for a still frame generated with and without ildct. Test images: interlaced [1], progressive [2]. Captures: interlaced frame 1 [3] frame 2 [4] filtered [5], progressive [6].