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Software-update-available.png This page is up-to-date as of MythTV version 0.27.6, the current release is 31.0

List of Recordings

You can view a list of your recordings in Media Library-> Watch Recordings from Mythfrontend. Depending on your theme these can be shown in different ways.

If you have download of metadata enabled, pictures from the series will show as background in some themes.

MythCenter Wide

Recordings MCwide.png


Recordings Stepp.png


Recordings Terra.png

Navigating the List

The recordings are organized into Recording Groups and Shows. Use the left, right, up and down arrows to navigate between the list of shows and the episodes of a show. Use the fast forward and rewind keys ("<" and ">" on a keyboard) to navigate between recording groups. The Recording Group names may be displayed across the top depending on the theme. If they are not displayed across the top, the names are visible in the entry for All Programs as for example All Programs - Default (Default recording group) as you navigate through the recording groups.

Hidden Groups

There are two groups which are not shown and are not accessed via the fast forward and rewind buttons. These are Live TV and Deleted. You can select these groups, or any other group, by pressing Menu (M) and selecting Change Group Filter. If you accidentally deleted a show, you can for a period of time find it in the Deleted group and play it or press Menu and undelete it. Anything that you had watched on Live TV is in the Live TV group where you can watch it again, or move it to another group if you want to keep it. The length of time that Live TV and deleted recordings are kept is set in Front End Setup-> Video-> General (Auto Expire). See Configuring_Frontend#General_.28Auto-Expire.29.

Searching Navigation

Using a keyboard one can rapidly search the Recordings using the key combination of Ctrl+S to bring up a "search list" window.

Play Recordings

Once you have navigated to a recording in the list, play it by pressing Select or Play.

Moving Around

You can use Fast Forward and Rewind to move around a recording. Another way, which many find more useful, is skip forward and back. The forward arrow skips forward and back arrow skips backward. Up and down arrows skip by a larger amount. To skip forward a certain number of minutes, enter the number with the numeric keypad and press right arrow. The Play button toggles the Pause state.

You can set a bookmark using Select. Also you can configure the frontend to automatically set a bookmark if you exit during playback. That way when you go to play that recording again it will resume where you left off. Use Setup-> Video-> Playback General Playback (2/8) Action on playback exit.

Changing Volume

Changing of volume through MythTV may not work in all cases, particularly if you are using digital output. Changing volume this way is only enabled if you have selected to use internal audio controls, using Frontend Setup -> Audio Audio Mixer. See Configuring_Frontend#Audio_Mixer.

Press RemoteVolup.png/RemoteVoldown.png to increase/decrease the volume.

Press RemoteMute.png to toggle the audio mute


The OSD will show the volume.

Changing Aspect Ratio

You can step through the different screen aspect ratios with the RemoteZoom.png key. This cam also be accessed from the Menu (M key) in case your remote does not have a Zoom key.

Note that this should not be necessary unless the transmitter has broadcast the signal with the wrong aspect ratio. Normally MythTV will detect the correct aspect ratio from the input and display it correctly. If your aspect ratio is consistently wrong, you may have a video driver problem, or you may have your frontend settings incorrect.

4:3 Classic TV Aspect Ratio
16:9 True Anamorphic Widescreen
14:9 Can be used by some stations as a compromise between 4:3 and 16:9. This is a useful setting to correct the picture when the broadcast station has compressed it to display school closing information along the bottom.
2.35:1 Used for cinematic movies.

Manual Zoom Mode

You can select Manual Zoom mode from the menu while watching live TV or a recording. Left, right, up, down arrows move the entire picture on the screen. Page Up and Page Down adjust the amount of zoom. This is useful when the picture is displayed in a small letterbox format in the middle of the screen with black border, or for getting rid of distracting messages that some stations may display across the bottom of the picture.

Notes about the "Move BottomLine" option: OSD -> [MENU] -> [Video] -> [Move BottomLine off screen] By default that toggle is mapped to 'L'

By default, it will stretch the screen vertically, and move the contents down. The amount of stretch/zoom and move may need to be different for different people, so there is also the option in the same menu to [Save manual zoom for BottomLine]. For example, some people may prefer maintaining the aspect ratio (Zoom In) instead of stretching vertically (Vertical Zoom In).

As a reminder, [Manual Zoom Mode] has the following default key bindings:

  -  Left          Move video to Left
  -  Right         Move video to Right
  -  Up            Move video Up
  -  Down          Move video Down
  -  PageUp        Zoom In
  -  PageDown      Zoom Out
  -  8             Vertical Zoom In
  -  2             Vertical Zoom Out
  -  6             Horizontal Zoom In
  -  4             Horizontal Zoom Out
  -  Space/Enter   Exit Zoom mode leaving picture at current size and position
  -  ESC           Exit Zoom mode and return to original size.

Recording Playlists

MythTV allows you to create Playlists of recordings. You can select complete recording groups to add to the playlist, or individual recordings. This is useful if you need to keep the kids entertained for more than a few hours.

Adding Recording Groups To The Playlist

Navigate to the Group or Show Name and press RemoteMenu.png to bring up the Recording Group List Menu


Select Add this Group to Playlist with RemoteSelect.png

Press RemoteExit.png to go back to the recordings browser.

Adding Individual Recordings To The Playlist

Navigate to the Episode in the episode list and press Press RemoteMenu.png to bring up the Recording Options popup.


Select Add to Playlist with RemoteSelect.png

Press RemoteExit.png to go back to the recordings browser.

Playing Recordings In The Playlist

You can see what recordings are in the recording playlist by selecting the "All Programs" group. Selected recordings are shown with check marks.

Note: Once you exit the watch recordings page, your playlist will be lost.

While you are in the Recording Browser press RemoteMenu.png and select "Playlist Options". You can now choose to play the playlist sequentially or in shuffle mode.


Other Playlist Operations

The playlist can be used for a number of other tasks that are unrelated to playing recordings.

The Playlist Options Menu mentioned above has a number of other commands. Using the playlist you can move a bunch of recordings to a new recording group, delete a bunch of recordings, mark a bunch of recordings as watched, and a number of other tasks. This is a lot easier and quicker than doing these tasks individually one episode at a time.