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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
[[File:webfrontend_guide.jpg|thumb|Programme Guide]]
[[File:webfrontend_guide.jpg|left|thumb|Programme Guide]]

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The WebFrontend is a browser based frontend for MythTV. It replaces mythweb in MythTV 0.28.

WebFrontend is served by an internal HTTP server in the mythbackend application and requires no additional dependencies or configuration, working out of the box.



  • No external dependencies, no configuration required
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Web Sockets - Real time updates with no polling
  • HTML 5 Video support (work in progress) with HLS streaming (DASH support planned)
  • TLS Encryption
  • Digest Authentication



  • Programme Guide
  • Schedule creation and editing
  • Program searches by Title, Person, Category, Keyword and Channel
  • Recording Rule Management


  • Recording Management
  • Recording Playback in browser
  • Remote control of playback in mythfrontend
  • Streaming playlist support (M3U8, ASX, XSPF formats)


Programme Guide