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The WebFrontend is a browser based frontend for MythTV. It will replace mythweb but is not full replacement for mythweb in MythTV 0.28 therefore mythweb will still be supported/avaliable.

WebFrontend is served by an internal HTTP server in the mythbackend application and requires no additional dependencies or configuration, working out of the box.



  • No external dependencies, no configuration required
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Web Sockets - Real time updates with no polling
  • HTML 5 Video support (work in progress) with HLS streaming (DASH support planned)
  • TLS Encryption
  • Digest Authentication



  • Programme Guide
  • Schedule creation and editing
  • Program searches by Title, Person, Category, Keyword and Channel
  • Recording Rule Management


  • Recording Management
  • Recording Playback in browser
  • Remote control of playback in mythfrontend
  • Streaming playlist support (M3U8, ASX, XSPF formats)


Programme Guide


The WebFrontend is configured with a default account named "admin" protected by the password "mythtv" on installation.