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Software-update-available.png This page is up-to-date as of MythTV version 0.28, the current release is 31.0


Webfrontend was added in version 0.28

The WebFrontend is a browser based frontend for MythTV. It will replace MythWeb but is not a full replacement for MythWeb in MythTV 0.28. Therefore MythWeb will still be available.

WebFrontend is served by an internal HTTP server in the mythbackend application and requires no additional dependencies or configuration, working out of the box.

Running Web Frontend

Make sure the mythbackend is running on your master backend system. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:6544 on the master backend system. If you are accessing it from a different computer, substitute the master backed ip address or DNS name for localhost.

Admin Password

Admin pages of the web front end are protected by a password. The user id is admin and the initial password is mythtv. You can change the password from the browser.

Home Page

The home page is always the first page seen.

Home Page

The home page of Web Frontend has stacked sections as follows:

  • Last Ten Recordings
  • Current Tuner Activity
  • Frontend Status
Last Ten Recordings Screenshots from the last ten recordings are presented in a slide show.
Current Tuner Activity Your tuners listed, and the name of the program being recorded, if the tuner is active.
Frontend Status The frontends that have connected since the backend was started, and whether they are currently connected.

At this time it is not possible to bookmark parts of the web frontend. You will always start at the home page.


If you hover the mouse over the left hand side of the screen the menu will appear on the left. Using this you can launch the various pages of the web front end.

  • API
    • WSDL Links
    • Examples
    • Server Side Scripting
  • 3rd Party Software
    • JW PlayerTM


Program Guide

The program guide shows a grid with all of your channels, and programs obtained from the listing source. Programs that are already scheduled to record are shown with a green bar at the top. Programs that are scheduled but have a conflict show with a red bar at the top. You can navigate left and right using the arrow in the center of the left and right sides. Alternatively select a date and time from the drop down lists at the top.

If the channels show as question mark icons, you can use the mythtv setup program to download channel icons. This is done from the Setup Channel Editor.

Click on a program to setup or modify a recording rule. The following options are available for a program that is not already scheduled:

  • Record this showing
  • Record all showings
  • Record one showing
  • Record all showings (this channel)
  • Edit Recording Rule
    Provides the most options for setting up a recording

The following options are available for a program that is already scheduled:


This shows a list of your recordings. At the top you can filter by recording group or program name and sort ascending or descending.

Clicking a recording shows a menu:

To the left of each recording is a thumbnail and a Watch button. Clicking the Watch button shows a menu:

  • Play in Browser
  • Download

Upcoming Recordings

Sows a list of recordings that will be made from now until the end of the listings data available. At the top a drop down list allows filtering.

Clicking an entry displays a menu:

Program Search

This searched the program listings for future programs. There are tabs to search by Title, Channel, People, Category and Keyword. In the list of results, clicking a program displays a menu:

  • Record this showing
  • Record all showings
  • Record one showing
  • Records all showings (this channel)
  • Edit Recording Rule

Recording Rules

Displays a list of your recording rules. Clicking an entry displays a menu:

Templates are also displayed. Attempting to edit them results in a blank screen displayed.

Edit Recording Rule

Tabs allow you to set up recording rules. The tabs are:

Details List of upcoming recordings using the rule
Schedule Options Main settings for recording. Rule type, Start early/late, End early/late, Duplicate Matching, Input
Filters Standard filters, such as New Episode, This channel, Identifiable Episode.
Storage Options Recording Group, Storage Group, Playback Group, Episode Limit, Delete and Autoexpire.
Post Processing Jobs to be run.
Metadata Options TVDB or TMBD id, season, episode.


Video Gallery

Displays thumbnails for your videos. If metadata has been downloaded or entered for a video, a picture is displayed with the episode title underneath. If metadata is not available a large question mark is displayed with the file name above it.

Clicking the title, picture or question mark shows a detail page with the downloaded metadata, including description and a download/play button. The download/play button allows you to download or play the video on your default player as set up on the system from which you are accessing the web page.


The Setup section of web frontend is not ready and should not be used. Use mythtv-setup to perform all backend setup.



  • No external dependencies, no configuration required
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Web Sockets - Real time updates with no polling
  • HTML 5 Video support (work in progress) with HLS streaming (DASH support planned)
  • TLS Encryption
  • Digest Authentication



  • Programme Guide
  • Schedule creation and editing
  • Program searches by Title, Person, Category, Keyword and Channel
  • Recording Rule Management


  • Recording Management
  • Recording Playback in browser
  • Remote control of playback in mythfrontend
  • Streaming playlist support (M3U8, ASX, XSPF formats)


Programme Guide


The WebFrontend is configured with a default account named "admin" protected by the password "mythtv" on installation.


404 Errors

The internal web server looks for files in /usr/share/mythtv/html/ if prefix /usr was used during configure, which is normally the default for packaged software. The directory is dependent on the options used during configure. When you run configure you have an option to specify --prefix=DIRECTORYNAME. The default prefix is /usr/local. The html directory will be DIRECTORYNAME/share/mythtv/html/ where DIRECTORYNAME is the prefix used with configure, or /usr/local if no prefix was specified. Check if DIRECTORYNAME/share/mythtv/html/ exists and if it contains directories and .qsp files. Also make sure there are no symbolic links in the path below html. If you have installed mythtv in a directory below a symbolic link, you will get a 404 error when accessing the web frontend. You can get around the problem by specifying the MYTHCONFDIR environment variable to hold the canonical path as follows:


Also, your storage directory paths as specified in mythtv-setup must not contain any symbolic links. If they do, video thumbnails will not work and error messages appear across the screen display.