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First you should know that you can run the plain MythFrontend without a window manager. Though if you want to start external programs, like Xine or MPlayer from MythVideo, you will need one to get the new window visible.

Some window managers in use

(The first 3 are strictly speaking Desktop Environments, but well, that includes a window manager)

  • KDE, recommended if you use your system under Linux as workstation too.
  • Gnome, another desktop system for Linux
  • XFCE and XFCE4, light weight, though 4.0.4 and 4.0.5 seem to have problems with focus of MPlayer, Xine and Ogle.
  • Fluxbox, a BlackBox based window manager that is much lighter than KDE but with a good feature set
  • Ratpoison extremely light weight windowmanager, works fine with external programs.