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=== Spain ===
=== Spain ===
Both grabbers in the official XMLTV distribution work correctly.
The included parser works (www.elpais.es/parrillatv/index.html). Although it has been found some inconsistencies with the real programation.
One alternative, abeit not been as complete: http://www.miguiatv.com/todos-los-canales.html
=== Sweden ===
=== Sweden ===

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The purpose of this page is to cover specific issues that aren't necessarily covered in the official documentation.

Info on XMLTV http://xmltv.org/wiki/

Outside North America

Generally, XMLTV is used by people living outside of North America. North American users should instead see Schedules Direct.

If you live outside the USA and Canada, there are some other sources of guide information.

Important Notes for all XMLTV users

Warning.png Warning: You should not include channels in your xmltv config which are not required. This places an unnecessarily high load on both the source websites and your own system.


Refer to Australian TV Listings for further details.

  1. OzTivo Guide (Free, requires registration)
  2. http://www.icetv.com.au (AU$3 per week subscription)
  3. Australian XMLTV grabbers (ice + tvguide)
  4. Shepherd (Free: Ice, OzTivo hybrid multi source )
  5. http://immir.com/tv_grab_au (Free) (may be inactive/broken now)


The following is a list of grabbers for Belgium. It is presented only for historical purposes, because at the time of writing this (January 2011) none of them work.

  1. https://launchpad.net/belguide
  2. http://users.skynet.be/jxmltv
  3. http://pytvgrab.sourceforge.net/


There are a working grabber, tv_grab_br_net a perl scripts (or any other Linux native solutions) for Brazilian TV programming. This grabber get data from Net [1] cable TV. No open to air TV on this source, just paid tv programme. It is detected by mythtvsetup and you are prompted (on background windows) to make your choice about your city, line-up and channels. It provide both, simple and complete description for programs.

Other functional alternative is to use TVxb, which isn't open source or even Linux, but works well with wine (at least as far as version 1.0085).

TVxb is configurable for different countries via ini-files. Check the following page for Brazilian templates. As of today, there are some for NET (PR), and others for TVA as well.


For information on how to set it up with MythTV, check out TVxb.


The grabber in the official XMLTV distribution works correctly. More information is available on http://www.gonix.net/.

Czech Republic

The XMLTV grabber for "Hungary/Romania" was extended to the Czech Republic.

Another way to get TV listings in Czech Republic is TVxb.

Not public XMLTV file for czech and slovak channels (UPC channels included) can be send after request to rfordinal.


In Denmark there is a group maintaining several grabbers. This group has created the following:

Currently seven grabbers are maintained:

  • The original (tv.tv2.dk),
  • An additional written in perl (dr.dk)
  • Five written in Python (tdc.dk, tv-guiden.dk, ahot.dk, jubii.dk, ontv.dk).

The group also maintains the following:

  • A merger written in Python to combine XMLTV information from multiple sources, to obtain the highest possible quality (merge end time of last show from tdc.dk with episode numbers from tv2.dk and long descriptions from tv-guiden.dk etc.).
  • A "combined" grabber, which configures each of the other grabbers and runs them in parallel and then merge the output. That combined grabber does also support the swedish grabber (swedb).

The mailing list is used to inform users when there are updates or problems with the current grabbers.


The grabbers in the official XMLTV distribution work correctly.


The grabber in the upcoming XMLTV release works correctly. More information is available on [2].


  1. epgData offers data on a subscription basis, the grabber from the main xmltv distribution works.
  2. Some channels are available via Egon Zappt in the upcoming release of xmltv.
  3. TV Movie can not give out their data without additional license, see Ben Bucksch's log.


Try this link for Nova Greece: http://sgcpm.com/epg/devilcosta.gz, for example using mythfilldatabase. (Be aware that its just a dump of DVB-EIT using the service_id as channel_id which is not proper xmltv. Please consider writing a proper grabber for the file so it can be configured via the GUI or simply provide a proper guide feed with tools like NonameTV.)


The grabber for What's-On-India has been added to the official XMLTV distribution.

An XMLTV grabber for all channels in India can be found at http://ravihtpc.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/india-epg-data-for-mythtv-xmltv-listings-grabber/.


The grabber in the official XMLTV distribution works correctly.

Hong Kong

First thanks to http://www.akbkhome.com/blog.php/View/119/Mythtv_xmltv_importer_for_HK.html.

I modify his source code to get information from TVB new web site.

   download Tv.php http://mythtv-xmltvhk.googlecode.com/files/Tv.php
   download hongkong.ini http://mythtv-xmltvhk.googlecode.com/files/hongkong.ini
   build xml from tvb, atv website using following command, just entry 
          php ./Tv.php hongkong.ini > hongkong.xml
   using 'myfilldatabase' to update mythtv schedule program, just entry
          mythfilldatabase --file 1 hongkong.xml
   (* it is my first development on php, so it may be simplified *)

[Last Update by hwkit (17/04/2010)]

Since TVB web site is changed, the program need to be updated. (My php skill is poor, so there are error when running, however it also can get schedule from TVB web site), I also change the program name called 'xmltvhk.php'. Please download it from google.

   download xmltvhk.php and copy it to /etc/xmltvhk (http://mythtv-xmltvhk.googlecode.com/files/xmltvhk.php)
   download updated hongkong.ini and copy it to /etc/xmltvhk (http://mythtv-xmltvhk.googlecode.com/files/hongkong.ini)
   download filltv  and copy it to /etc/cron.weekly (make it executable (chmod +x /etc/cron.weekly/filltv) (http://mythtv-xmltvhk.googlecode.com/files/filltv)
   Source code 
   svn checkout http://mythtv-xmltvhk.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ mythtv-xmltvhk-read-only

[Last Update by hwkit (07/07/2010)]


Netherlands (Holland) specific info can be found here: Netherlands

New Zealand

Sky TV threatened legal action to get the xmltv grabber for NZ taken down: http://reven.co.nz/post/whatever-happened-to-xmltvnz


The grabber in the official XMLTV distribution works correctly.

South Africa

See the South Africa MUG WIKI page for details.


Both grabbers in the official XMLTV distribution work correctly.


The grabber in the official XMLTV distribution works correctly. More information is available on http://tv.swedb.se/.


The grabber in the official XMLTV distribution works correctly.

United Kingdom

The grabbers in the official XMLTV distribution work correctly. A brief guide to configuring tv_grab_uk_rt is available.

Ukraine, Russia, Belarus

  1. tv_grab_ru Converts JTV-formatted archive with about 200 channels to XMLTV. But this application does not show additional info about programmes.
  2. tv_grab_ua Downloads XMLTV-formatted data from sites like teleguide, izbushka or star.poltava.ua. In addition it parses existing data and adds category/rating/credits into output XMLTV file.
  3. teleguide.info XMLTV-formatted zip archive with programmes inside.