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Setting up XmlTV for use with MythTV is documented in the MythTV HOWTO 5.3.

The purpose of this page is to cover specific issues that aren't necessarily covered in the official documentation.

Configuring XMLTV

If you live outside the USA and Canada, see XmlTv/Myth Channel Setup.

Data Direct

With zap2it no longer providing listing information to XMLTV for North America (tv_grab_na), the only option is for the new Data Direct solution. Supported fully in version 0.15 of MythTV, the 0.14 version of MythTV, for a short time, requires a fix to continue downloading listing information successfully. More information is available in the Data Direct.

Getting Clean Episode Data in Austria/Germany from tvtoday.de

The XMLTV Data usefull in Austria/ Germany you get with tv_grab_de_tvtoday. It has the episodes of series all mixed up in he main title. The part Number ('Teil') of the series are not always nicely structured and spill over to the title and subtitle field. This makes it quite impossible to record every sequence of a series (if you do not want to make a time based recording on a single channel). I decided to write a small mySQL script to update the programm data after performing the daily load of the xmltv file. This mySQL statment is batched after the daily mythfilldatabase entry in my CRON Script. The Statment looks for sequences That have the Word 'Teil' in it. This is the German word for 'Part'.

    SET    chanid=chanid
          ,subtitle= concat_ws(' ', substring_index(substring(title,locate('Teil', title)-6,4+20), ' ', -2), subtitle )
          ,title= left(title,locate(substring_index(substring(title,locate('Teil', title)-6,4+20), ' ', -2),title) -1)
    WHERE title like '%Teil%';

Getting Episode Data in Australia

There is an Australian XMLTV grabbers web page.