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The XMLTV ID is required for mapping channels to channel listing services.

Schedules Direct

For this service you can find the ID easily:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the "Edit" button next to one of your lineups. This should bring you to a page allowing you to select and un-select channels.
  3. Find the channel you are seeking and hover over its box. In most browsers a title will appear which is the callsign followed by the XMLTVID.

Should that not work you can fall back to examining the source HTML:

  1. View the html source of the page (Firefox: top menu "View"->"Page Source").
  2. Search in the source for the callsign of the channel you are interested in.
  3. The channel will be contained in a table cell (<td ...), the title is the callsign followed by the XMLTVID. For example <td id="cell_1.13" title="WNED (id: 11709)">. The XMLTVID is 5 digits long, in this example the ID is 11709.


Digital ATSC channels can be found on HDTVMagazine using the following:

  1. Go to http://www.hdtvmagazine.com
  2. Enter the call letters of your station in the search box.
  3. Hit enter to submit the search
  4. View the search results and scan to the last line, marked in green.
  5. The results will include a URL like this: hdtvmagazine.com/programming/guide-station.php?id=20292
  6. The ID is the last 5 digits.

Other listing services

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