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MythTV on an Xbox Frontend

An Xbox makes a wonderful standard definition MythTV front end due to its reasonably powerful CPU and graphics card.

Stage 1 - Installing Linux

MythTV can be installed on an Xbox by installing a Linux distribution on a modded/softmodded Xbox (such as Xebian).

Stage 2 - Installing the MythTV front end

There are three options to install the MythTV front end:

1. Install MythTV using pre-compiled binaries - see the MythTV on Xebian HOWTO for more information.

2. Compile MythTV using the released source code

3. Compile MythTV using the latest SVN snapshot.

Stage 3 - Configuring the MythTV front end

Configure the Xbox MythTV to talk to the MythTV Backend

Stage 4 - Other configuration issues

Section for other Xbox configuration issues eg. Digital sound eg. Video quality eg. Overscan