Xbox Frontend on Xebian stable

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Installing an Xbox Frontend on Xebian Stable

Alex Fisher has recompiled Christian Marillat's mythtv 0.19 source package against debian stable and optimised for Pentium 3.

The advantage with this configuration is that you do not need to upgrade any part of your Xebian from stable (sarge) to unstable (sid).

The steps involved with this are:

Install Xebian 1.1.4

See: Xbox_Frontend_HOWTO

Add Alex Fisher precompiled mythtv source

Add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list

 deb sarge main
 deb sarge main

Install MythTV

Run the following commands

apt-get update
apt-get install mythtv-frontend

Known/Possible Issues

Jack Lowry has had a problem with his backend (Slackware 10.2, myth .19, mysql to 4.1.4) and his upgrading his xbox (xebian + mythtv 0.18 -> 0.19) with a mysql problem

But now I have a mysql version issue, when myth tries to make a 
connection to the mysql database I get a message in the .xsession-errors 
file that says:
ERROR 1251: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by 
server; consider upgrading MySQL client
I've also tried the mysql client and got the same error message.

It seems newer versions of mysql use a new password scheme that's incapatible with the mysql cleint compiled into myth packages I was using. The following link provides several methods to work beyond this problem. I created a new user for my xbox frontend using the old format password.