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YASM and NASM are assemblers needed by other builds tools for compilation.

Install YASM


You want the Win32 .exe (for general use on 32-bit windows) (we don’t currently support win64 due to msvc lack of support for inline assembly)


Save the downloaded exe into a location you will add to the path.

Rename yasm-1.2.0-win32.exe to yasm.

Information.png Tip: I created a Tools directory which I placed all the standalone exe’s. Just make sure to add the tools directory to the system path!

Install NASM

You can either install the full version from http://www.nasm.us/

  • Go to the win32 folder of latest version on the downloads page
  • Download and run the installer
  • The only item that needs to be installed is NASM itself. Other items can be left unchecked


Make a copy yasm.exe and rename it nasm.exe, as they are compatible.

Just make sure with either approach, nasm is available in the system path.