Zotac Zbox HD-ID11

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Fully supported Ion2 barebones - works out of the box with a mythbuntu 10.04 install and two Hauppauge Nova-T sticks, except for some bios work to override the default noisy fan settings (bios is f8 with no boot device installed - defaults settings except raise fan speed to 80RPM lowest value).

Nvidia VDPAU works with proprietory drivers. 40 watt max.

HDMI Audio Out

Using Ubuntu 10.04 linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.32-24-generic
Nvidia Driver: 195.36.24

Using the HDMI port translates to plughw:1,7. I tried using the DVI port but sound is not working yet (not really needed though).

Unmute all IEC958 in 'alsamixer' (There will be 4 for the Nvidia audio)

In Myth set the audio output as ALSA:plughw:1,7 (under Utilities/Setup -> General)

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