July 26, 2002

  • More progress on the music player. Biggest change is the ability to play music. Kinda necessary, no? I ended up ripping the mp3/ogg decoder code out of MQ3, since I couldn't find a suitable library that handled both mp3 and ogg files.. Interesting little GPL violation there, btw (MQ3's format decoding sections make extensive use of GPLd code, but is distributed under a much more permissive 'license'). Anyway. The music selection dialog is now fully active, letting you select songs to play. I've also got the beginnings of a playback dialog, though it doesn't really do much more than show you the playlist and display the current trackname and time into the track. Not good enough for a screenshot, too bad. Oh, and it can now play CDs, too, though there really won't be much use for that once I get the auto-rip code written.
  • Forgot to mention.. the nifty logo at the top of the page was contributed by mazeone. Thanks!
Posted by Isaac on July 26th 2002