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MythTV has a thriving community of developers and users who are happy to answer questions and help out those who are interested in using the software that we've all put so much effort into producing. In fact, we pride ourselves on having one of the friendliest community of both developers and users who are willing to answer your questions and help you through whatever troubles you are having with your Mythbox.

The first place to look for answers to basic questions should be to check our list of frequently asked questions.


One of the best ways to get help with installing, configuring and using MythTV is through one of our official forums.

MythTV Forums.

Mailing Lists

Because not everyone likes forums we also provide mailing lists. These have been around longer and are preferred by developers, so if your are seeking development related help you may want to use these instead.

Usually less on-topic than the more technical mythtv-dev list described below, this is a place for users to discuss hardware setups, configuration problems, etc. It's a fairly busy list, but is the first place that we recommend you look if you are interested in learning more about MythTV and/or getting involved with its user community. Here is the mailing list archive for MythTV-users.
Discussion about the development of themes and other such artwork for MythTV. This is the place for you if you're interested in talking about user interface changes or are interested in helping develop new themes or enhance the existing ones. Go here for a searchable mailing list archive.
Discussion about MythTV localization, translation, and development questions arising from using Myth in non-english languages. Go here for a searchable mailing list archive.
General discussion about the development of MythTV. This list is used by both developers and users, and usually contains discussions that focus on the technical workings and development of MythTV and its plugins. Go here for a searchable mailing list archive.
For those who like to keep up with the most technical aspects of MythTV development, this read-only lists tracks individual code changes, Trac tickets, and bug reports. Go here for a searchable mailing list archive.


Internet Relay Chat is one of the oldest forms of communication on the internet, and still thrives today. Like many open source projects, MythTV has an active user community on the libera network.

This user support channel should be your first stop in IRC. There are usually over 150 people who frequent this channel, including dozens of experienced MythTV users who are happy to offer setup, configuration, and troubleshooting advice to other MythTV users, as well as to those people who are just interested in knowing a little more about MythTV before taking the plunge. You will also find that several of the core MythTV development team hangs out here to help answer questions, too.
This is the MythTV developers channel. Feel free to drop in here to listen to or take part in discussions about the development of MythTV, but please do not confuse it with the user support channel.

MythTV Documentation

There are three forms of documentation

MythTV Wiki
The wiki is maintained by users like you, as well as by the developers. It is the most up to date piece of documentation about MythTV, and contains a variety of pieces of general information from screenshots and our FAQ to detailed explanations about of rare configurations set up by some of our more adventurous users.
Official User Documentation
We do our best to maintain a detailed document that attempts to describe the installation process for MythTV from source code. If you are experiencing difficulty during your installation and/or configuration, this is the first place you should check for information about common roadblocks and installation hangups.
Developer Documentation
For the technically inclined, we have started to build developer documentation to explain the complex structure of MythTV's code base. If you think that you would like to help improve MythTV by fixing bugs or adding some of your own features, we recommend that you take a look here in order to gain a better understanding of our project.

How to report Bugs

If you think you've found a bug in MythTV, you can use our bug tracking system to submit a bug report and let the developers know.

However, please be aware that though the developers strive to keep MythTV as free from bugs as possible, it may take us awhile before we are able to address your specific bug, and don't be surprised if non-critical bugs are fixed in the development version of MythTV (that which will eventually become the next major release) but not ported back to the stable branch.

Contact the Developers

In general, the MythTV developers prefer that you seek out community-based support for questions about your personal MythTV installations, but we acknowledge that there may be times when people and corporations wish to contact us with questions or inquiries that require our specific insight about the MythTV code or community. To that end, we have provided a contact form that you can use to get in touch with those who are best equipped to respond your inquiry.