August 11, 2002

  • And so, without further babbling, release 0.4. I decided that it was getting good enough to drop the 'preview' part of the release number. Major new features: Music support, including the ability to rip, categorize, and play music, all in a nice interface meant for a remote control. Support for themed menus. Bugfixes. Other stuff I forgot. The music support is a separate download, called MythMusic. It has additional software requirements, so I figured I wouldn't "contaminate" the main MythTV setup with them. MythTV will integrate MythMusic into its menus when finds MythMusic installed on a system.
  • Aren't contributions nice?. So, now there's a fully theme-able menu. Looks nice, and thanks to Forrest Walter for his 'TangoBlue' theme (the first and third shots), and jer warren for his as yet unnamed theme (second shot).
  • No updates in awhile, so I figured I do a big update all at once.
Posted by Isaac on August 11th 2002