October 9, 2002

  • I updated the OSD font rendering to use freetype 2 -- cleaner looking fonts, and one fewer dependency for those distributions that no longer ship freetype 1.
  • The release date for version 0.6 is now going to be this Saturday, the 12th, unless something major comes up. Should be a pretty solid release. List of changes for the interested:
    • Multiple simultaneous recordings (if you have the tuner cards and the cpu required)
    • Picture-in-picture support
    • Plug-in video filters
    • A (text-only for now) setup program
    • Better support for European style TV (strings in channel numbers, etc)
    • Added the ability to colorize the Program Guide based on the category of programs
    • A complete rewrite of the themed menu class, with a much better file format
    • Visualizations in MythMusic
    • Save the current playlist in MythMusic across runs of the program
    • CD Audio playback in MythMusic now uses cdparanoia to play
    • Bugfixes all around
  • Big list, lots of major changes. Anyway, at least MythTV and MythMusic will see a 0.6 release on Saturday. MythWeb and MythGame are less certain of a full-blown release, but I'll probably put out at least pre-release versions of both.
Posted by Isaac on October 9th 2002