November 9, 2002

  • Get version 0.7 here. The major changes:
    • Themed the program guide.
    • New default OSD theme.
    • New image viewer/slideshow module.
    • New emulator (xmame for now) frontend module.
    • New web interface module.
    • Faster seeking in the player.
    • Basic video editing capabilities.
    • As always, random bugfixes.
  • There's been many other changes as well, but I'm forgetting them right now. Thanks to Thor for MythWeb, Chuck for MythGame, and everyone else who has contributed code.
  • Also, there will be Debian packages of 0.7 available soonish, so if you're doing a new install on Debian, you might want to wait for them.
Posted by Isaac on November 9th 2002