November 25, 2002

  • If you're having problems with xmltv failing to get program data, use the 0.5.3 release.
  • Finished off the initial support for hardware mjpeg compressor cards today.. Stuff's been in CVS for awhile, but there wasn't a way to configure things like quality and capture size until now. Anyway, I've just tested things with a Matrox G200-TV, but it should work on anything that the MJPEG tools supports.
  • I forgot to mention a rather large optimization that went into CVS recently -- Matt Zimmerman (same guy that's doing the Debian packages) contributed the beginnings of a patch to use libavcodec's direct rendering support, and I finished it off.. So, playback of mpeg4 encoded files uses considerably less CPU now =) Other codecs (ie, rtjpeg) see a little improvement as well. Very cool stuff.
Posted by Isaac on November 25th 2002