February 22, 2003

  • Chris Pinkham's contributed the beginnings of automatic commerical skipping, which is now in CVS. Seems to work fairly well, though it's still under development.
  • I never mentioned, but a contribution by Todd Malsbary added NES emulator support to mythgame a while back, and he just updated it to support zipped rom files.
  • A bunch more visualizations got added to mythmusic, courtesy of Thor (ie, the mythweb guy) and myself. Little more variety for those tired of Synaesthesia.
  • Also a while back, Lonnie Hutchinson contributed a patch to mythmusic to encode files while it rips from CD. Speeds things up a little, and is easier overall on the CPU.
  • As for the next release, I have one item left on my TODO list for it -- support for multiple encoder machines. Still don't know when I'll put together a release, though.
Posted by Isaac on February 22nd 2003