New Version, 0.8, is finally released.

  • And now, at long last, the eighth release of MythTV. It's been quite a while since 0.7, and many things have changed. Here's a summary of some of the more important/larger/visible changes:
    • New split up encoding/playback architecture. Multiple encoding machines, multiple playback machines, all pretty transparent to the user.
    • Basic "still being written so it doesn't always work right but does work pretty well" automatic commercial detection and skipping, by Chris Pinkham.
    • Graphical setup for everything in MythTV (modules like MythMusic are still text for now, though), written by Matt Zimmerman.
    • New alternative style for the program guide (with embedded video), and an easy way to search for specific programs, written by John Danner.
    • All dialogs now follow the menu theme colors/background.
    • Basic hardware MJPEG encoding support (Matrox Marvel G200, etc).
    • Many, many internal changes.
    • New MythWeather module, contributed by John Danner.
    • New MythVideo module, which is just a generic video player frontend.
    • NES, SNES, and generic PC game support added to MythGame, by Todd Malsbary and Chuck.
    • Quite a few changes to MythWeb, like a movies listing page, ability to delete recorded programs, etc.
    • More visualization modes in MythMusic.
    • More themes to ogle at.
  • Anyway, grab things from the downloads section, and read the documentation. Make sure to do what it says in the UPGRADING file if you're coming from 0.7.
  • Thanks to everyone who has contributed code or time to MythTV =)
  • Debian packages of the new release will be available shortly from here as usual.
Posted by Isaac on March 16th 2003