MythTV 0.10 Released

  • So, um, new release. Get it while it's hot:
    • New internal architecture that makes all the add-on modules a plugin running in the main mythfrontend window instead of as separate applications.
    • It's very easy to run completely without the TV functionality, now.
    • No more text config files, except for the 4 line one that tells it where the mysql server is. Everything is configured through the UI.
    • Spiffy new rankings system that provides an alternative form of recording conflict resolution, written by Jason Rosson.
    • Preliminary native ALSA support.
    • A bunch of MythGallery updates by Dennis Lou -- zooming of images, semi-automatic image importing, thumbnail caching, along with some other things.
    • Lots of translation updates, including a new Danish translation by Martin Moeller.
    • Lot of bugfixes and other minor features that I'm too lazy to go through the CVS commit logs and pull out a summary of.
  • You'll also want to upgrade to XMLTV 0.5.14 (released earlier today) to get the North American grabber working again.
  • As always, grab things from the download section and read the documentation. Make sure to read the various UPGRADING files if you're upgrading from an earlier release.
  • Precompiled packages for Debian will be available shortly from the usual place.
Posted by Isaac on July 1st 2003