Titles are silly.

  • Here's what's news:
  • There's a new theme -- 'visor' -- available. Actually, it's been on the site for awhile, just been too lazy to write news updates. It's going to be updated with a matching OSD theme soon. Very slick looking, I've been pondering making it the new default theme.
  • The PurpleGalaxy theme was updated to work with some of the new features that were added in 0.10, as well.
  • Chris Pinkham went and wrote up some nice and customizeable automatic deletion code for recordings. Currently, you can flag series/shows as being able to be deleted or not, and also optionally give it a number of episodes of a particular series to keep. Very easy to add additional expiry methods if anyone wants more/different ones.
  • As for myself, I've been a slacker. Only thing I've done recently is optimize video playback a bit for mpeg2 files (like those produced by pvr-250 cards). Not that it was using too much CPU before, of course, but I was bored and messing around.
  • Both the Redhat RPMs and the Debian debs of the 0.10 release have been updated with the bits from CVS to make them compatible with XMLTV 0.5.15's tv_grab_na.
Posted by Isaac on July 15th 2003