New stuff.

  • Lot of changes recently, here's a run-down of the biggest:
  • Thor's been working on a DVD player/ripper module, which is available in CVS as the 'mythdvd' module. It's useable now for watching DVDs (launching the player program of your choice), and making direct backups from discs -- transcoding support is coming soon.
  • Chris Petersen's mythweb rewrite is available in CVS as the 'mythweb2' module. It's not quite yet a feature complete replacement for the old mythweb codebase, but it's getting there quickly.
  • I rewrote all of the mythgame user interface code so that it matches the rest of the UIs in MythTV now. I updated the Features and Screenshots page to show off the new UI. I also (finally) updated some of the TV OSD screenshots.
  • A bunch of other bugs have been fixed and the like, and things are looking pretty stable to me, so I'm thinking about releasing 0.11 sometime next week.
Posted by Isaac on July 31st 2003