Yet more hardware decoder support...

  • So, let's see. Work on supporting the PVR-350 decoder is progressing well. Kevin Thayer (the ivtv driver guy) and I have gotten things almost to the useable state. Quality on the TV out is great, but there are some nasty driver bugs yet that need to be tracked down.
  • We finally migrated the CVS server to the same machine this website's running on. Should be a lot faster for everyone (except me), now that it's not running off of my home DSL line.
  • Only other really major thing that's happened recently is that Geoffrey Hausheer rewrote the recording profile support so that it's much easier to support mixed groups of tuner card types through the UI now. Good stuff, now that I think all of the bugs have been worked out of it.
Posted by Isaac on September 26th 2003