New Look for MythNews/MythGallery

  • Figured I'd summarize some of the more user-noticeable changes in CVS recently:
    • Renchi Raju's essentially rewritten the MythNews and MythGallery plugins -- check out the features section for some updated images. Not pictured are the rather neat slideshow transitions he's added (and is still adding). Some are opengl based, some not. Very slick.
    • Thanks to Kevin at the ivtv project for finally getting some needed updates into the ivtv driver, David Engel was able to commit a big patch he'd been working on to enhance the support for the hardware decoder / TV-out on the PVR-350. Makes things faster and stabler, pretty much, and enables edit mode and smooth slowmotion/fast forwarding. These changes require version 0.1.9 of the ivtv driver.
  • .. and a ton of other stuff's changed as well. I'm too lazy to go through and list everything, so check out the mythtv-commits mailing list archive if you're dying to know.
Posted by Isaac on January 14th 2004