Want some Myth? 'Course ya do!

  • Ah, yeah. Been almost 4 months since the last release. Sorry about that, but first I was busy looking for a job, and then I was busy with my new job.. There's just not enough time for everything.
  • Anyway, since it's been a very long time since 0.14, I'll just go over the major changes in 0.15:
    • There's been a major scheduler update from David Engel and Bruce Markey.
    • Some guy named 'mian' submitted a patch that lets you switch between capture cards in Live-TV mode.
    • New Music selection interface.
    • New menu for the OSD during TV watching.
    • MMX optimizations to the OSD rendering process due to me, with some additional enhancements by Andrew Mahone. It's much faster now. =)
    • Chris Pinkham added the ability to categorize recorded programs into groups and display only certain groups from the UI, a new commercial detection method based on station logos, and some zoom functionality to video playback.
    • Lots of translation updates from quite a number of people -- see the dev list for details.
    • Native Zap2it DataDirect support contributed by David Shay. See the docs here and here for instructions on how to register for this free listings service and how to migrate from tv_grab_na. No more XMLTV dependency for North American users. Very cool stuff.
    • MythWeb saw quite a bit of development by Chris Petersen and a number of other contributors.
    • The only other plugins that got any major amount of work were MythVideo and MythGame -- both received a number of internal and minor updates.
  • As usual, apologies if I forgot to mention anyone's contributions, but this is just a very quick overview from browsing through the commits list archives. I was rushed this time, and there were a _lot_ of commits to go through.
  • Grab the release from the download section and please at least try to read the docs before asking questions.
  • The binary packages should hopefully be updated to 0.15 soon.
  • See this links section for a list of complete linux distributions based around MythTV.
Posted by Isaac on May 26th 2004