Quick status update

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that we're preparing a new release (0.16). It's tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday (9/8), but that'll slip if I don't have enough time to package everything up. In the meantime, though, you can check out the changelog to get an idea of what's new.
  • Post 0.16, I've got the beginnings of a UI rewrite (see the 'mythui' module in CVS), and a slight rework of the PVR backend (more flexible, multiple frontends watching the same feed, easier saving from tv mode, etc) planned. So, good stuff's on the horizon.
  • Oh, and, I set up a bugzilla a while back, but never mentioned it on the website. Consider it officially mentioned. =)
  • Update:Well, it was raining a little last night, and apparently that was enough to shut off power to my neighborhood. Couldn't get the release taken care of without any power, so, looks like 0.16 will be coming out tonight instead.
Posted by Isaac on September 4th 2004