• New release. Fun stuff. Full changelog here, but the major stuff is:
    • I'm now only distributing three source packages, instead of eleven. The new 'mythplugins' package combines all of the add-in modules that used to be distributed separately (mythmusic, mythweather, etc). There's a top-level configure script to enable/disable/configure all of the plugins. The new 'myththemes' package contains some of the themes that used to be distributed in the main download (Titivillus, Minimalist-wide, Iulius). I've split these out to cut down on the size of the main package a bit. Be sure to grab the themes package if you're using one of those themes, else you won't get the updated version for this release.
    • The configure script was greatly enhanced, and there's no more editing of setting.pro to enable/disable certain options.
    • Anyway, 0.18's mainly a bugfix/minor feature release. Check the changelog for specifics.
  • Standard release info:
    • Grab the release from the download section and please at least try to read the docs before asking questions.
    • The binary packages should hopefully be updated to 0.18 soon.
    • See this links section for a list of complete linux distributions based around MythTV.
Posted by Isaac on April 15th 2005