News and stuff.

  • So, let's see...
  • A group of German MythTV users is going to be running a booth at LinuxTag this year. I'm told there'll be some demos and giving away of install disks of some sort. Sounds fun.
  • MythTV was just accepted as a mentoring organization for Google's Summer of Code 2006. I'll update later with a link to a wiki page with potential project ideas (after discussing with the other devs), though of course we'll consider write-ins..
  • Expect a 0.19.1 release in the nearish future. Haven't done one up until now because the major packaged binaries are already pulling what will become 0.19.1 from the stable fixes branch, but it's about time to make it 'official'.
  • That's all for now, see ya later.
Posted by Isaac on April 27th 2006