New Website!

  • After many years running under PHP-Nuke, is now proudly running its own customized website application, which we hope will be faster and more secure than the old site. Plus, we think it looks a whole lot better than the old site.
  • The new website has a lot of new features including an RSS/Atom feed, the digg links to the right, and an all new "MythTV in Detail" section, so please feel free to poke around and explore the new layout. It's also a lot easier for us to maintain, update, and improve, so we hope to be able to provide more frequent updates than before, too.
  • If you get a chance, drop by #mythtv-users on and thank designer Stuart Morgan (gbee) and coder Chris Petersen (xris) for all of the great work they put into setting up the new site.

  • On a side note, Schedules Direct is looking for information about users from outside of the US and Canada. We know that there are a lot of MythTV users abroad, and it would really help them out if you would head over there and fill out the survey that they've posted.
Posted by xris on January 16th 2009