Update and a request to international MythTV users

  • Just a quick update to let you all know that development work on 0.22 is still progressing smoothly. We appreciate your patience while we are working through some of the more tedious parts of this upcoming release.
  • In other news, Schedules Direct is still looking for input from users from outside of the US and Canada. We know that there are a lot of MythTV users abroad, and it would really help them out if you would head over there and fill out the survey that they've posted.
  • Schedules Direct is also looking for volunteer developers to help design and implement a new application to deliver guide data themselves (rather than rely on TMS servers), which they expect to serve to 20,000 or more members daily over the next few years. They have been a big help to the MythTV community, and could really use some help. If you have experience with Perl, PHP, and/or MySQL, please take a look at their forum post for information about applying to help.
Posted by xris on June 18th 2009